Sunday, May 5, 2013

Self Defense Weapons Online and Instant Access!

As a website owner and trainer, it's always a push to get the technology into the hands of those who want it and need it. I have, in the past only had up particular videos for instant viewing and they were always platform dependent.

Not now! I put up our online self defense university, so to speak, with instant access to the videos; all served from You Tube! Now you can get exactly what you want and when you want it! No more depending on the mail to deliver your DVD or instructional video. You can also download them plus burn them to DVDs for your collection!

Each video also has a trailer so you can see what quality is on the video. Plus each is money back guaranteed so you have nothing to risk! You can learn all about the self defense weapon, and other self defense weapons as they apply to your survival!

Please visit our new online university here:

Master Peter Brusso

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weapons Disarms and martial arts

The world of self defense is violent by nature; no sport martial art here. If a person is attacking you and you have to protect your self then it's certainly not some game. Your life could hang in the end result of precisely what you will perform to dispatch your assaulter.

It's important to understand that you might need to disarm an attacker. Most sport martial arts don't cover this topic very much.

To that end, plenty of martial arts never train with weapons or weapons disarms. If ever you are really in among such arts you might choose to obtain some outside help to obtain the proficiencies to defend yourself from commonplace weapons that may be used against you on the street. These fall into three kinds, generally speaking: firearms, edged weapons, and sticks (clubs or baseball bats). The following is simply the compressed list of strategy for each.

 Blades and sticks ... you want to open the distance from your aggressor. You want these people to make a long distance and committed attack towards you. This puts you in a favorable position as they need to move a long way to get you. You possess the time to observe the attack, decide what to do and carry out the plan. You also lower their reaction time down as you close in to disarm or attack. Just like in the gun situation you have actually reduced their perception and counteraction time.

 Firearms: you need to close the distance so that the response time from attack to pull the trigger is actually in your favor. You see, for the attacker to pull the trigger he or she: first must recognize he or she is really under attack. Next he needs to pinpoint exactly where you are actually going (path). Third he must realize exactly where he is; that is, exactly where the firearm is actually aimed plus his or her physical position. Next this individual must pinpoint exactly what program to set in to action. Right here is precisely where he/she might decide they have to turn left, raise the firearm higher, and fire. And lastly he/she has to implement the program. This all requires psychological time and thru closing the distance you have certainly reduced their successful response period down and also into your favor.

 Additionally key in self defense that you don't fool around. You have to disable your adversary so that they can't come back to harm you. Exactly what I mean right here is you don't want them coming back up off the ground and being rather mad at you. You must guarantee they do not want to proceed with the violence.

If you learn to disarm weapons you ought to also find out ways to utilize that weapon if necessary. You might learn how to shoot or at the very least how you may use that gun to your benefit. There is actually a weapon known as a defender (self defense weapon) and that is a small plastic, strangely shaped, weapon that is actually used on pressure points. You can view this at PDWS. biz. You can easily utilize most anything you pick up like| a defender and that includes a firearm. A gun can be utilized on pressure points about the body as well as against boney places of the body, just like a defender or even a Kubotan.

In short, you are the weapon and everything that gets into your hands you need to realize how to utilize it. Gun, edged weapons or clubs ... you must know how to use them for your own protection or the protection of your loved ones. There are great videos to had on these subjects, all found on the web. So I encourage my fellow artists to broaden their skill sets in martial arts and turn them into self defense skill sets too!

Master Peter C. Brusso

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The darker side of rumspringa ...

This is off topic but I thought everyone would enjoy this. A buggy, really? You know, sometimes I think people get lost in the part. But what the heck, enjoy it....

The darker side of rumspringa ...: "In New York, a 17-year-old Amish boy allegedly led police on a chase after they say they saw him with an open container of alcohol and tried to stop his buggy. Spoiler: They caught him. Hat Tip: Many thanks, Jellybean!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The men who stare at goats

For those who are new to this blog, we are very connected to the movie "men who stare at goats", as George Clooney plays me (Peter Brusso) in the movie! Yes, that's right and here is part of that story...

One day in 2002 I was contacted by Jon Ronson from the BBC. He asked me a bunch of questions, which at first glance were pretty offhand. Like could I kill a goat by staring at them? Could I freeze people or set them on fire by staring at them. Now, what would you think if someone called you with these questions? I asked him where this line of questioning was going? He said he was working on a new BBC series called the "crazy rulers of the world". He continued to talk about project "Jedi" and Vietnam. Then Col Jim Channon came up and the first earth battalion, then I could see where he was heading. I said, "you are talking about remote viewing and the ability to project Ki energy, or mental energy. He said he thought so as he didn't understand my reference to Ki energy. So, we talked a bit and I told him about the "predator", which it was called at the time.

So I agreed to meet him later that month. As the time got close, I schedule us to meet at the United States Marine Corp base, Camp Pendleton. As a subject matter expert for the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program, I have access to the base and Marines. So we meet there and he was very impressed. I then proceeded to show him the predator (self defense weapon), now know as the defender, and he was so trashed by it! You can see it at on you tube if you want to enjoy seeing the tool do its thing. Then I showed him what Ki energy was, and you can that here. Now I warn you don't be drinking anything when you watch these as you will most likely soil your computer screen... haha

Anyway... I will have more on the movie at a later post...


Master Peter Brusso

Monday, July 11, 2011

A little history about the self defense weapon

Hello all, those interested in self defense weapons will find this, our newest "defender model", the RP, a real winner. Those who know of our product understand what they do and boy do they do it well.. non lethal self defense at its finest.

These tools were born out of the need to have something that was non lethal in nature but could be used quickly, easily, and would have a very LARGE effect to deter an attacker. We have lots of great video on the site for you to look at plus over at "" their is lots of free video for your enjoyment. Another great free site to see these babies in action is over at There you will see almost a years worth of real world training in self defense, self defense weapons, personal self defense, survival, tests, defender classes, and the most unusual class you have ever seen, and much more.

The defenders were made famous as the BBC did a special which I, Peter Brusso, was in. It was called the crazy rulers of the world (I'm glad my parents are dead, haha). If you have not seen it it is a great work for art from author Jon Ronson. The subsequently then wrote the book "the men who stare at goats", which then was made into a movie staring George Clooney, who plays me in real life. Mr. Clooneys character is made of up of a few of the real players but a good portion of it is me, Peter Brusso. Now, since the movie I have enjoyed getting the work out about the self defense weapons, defenders, and predator (as it used to be called).

So, if you want to get to know this great tool for your self defense or just want movie memorabilia, then head over to and have a look see...

Enjoy and stay safe
Master Peter Brusso

Woman, 63, orders young burglar to sit down until police show up

The only way this story could be better is if she had a Defender! I was talking the other day to a defender fan, who was also into self defense and self defense weapons, and he said if for no other reason you were holding a defender, and the would be bad guy doesn't know what it is plus you have the confidence that you can defend yourself, the tool is worth it even if you don't ever have to use, which buy the way we hope you never do! But the following store goes a long way to show what a confident attitude can do for you in a potentially combative situation!

Master Peter Brusso.... hope you enjoy!

Woman, 63, orders young burglar to sit down until police show up: "The case is from News Hampshire. The suspect is 29, presumably smart enough to know that he could have outrun her if it came to that. "I grabbed his backpack and threw it on the floor, then he tried to..."